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March 01 2016


My Face My Body

By: Lauren Horncastle

The UKs only TV chat show dedicated to cosmetic surgery, MyFaceMyBody.com, will this Tuesday 18 May unveil new survey results detailing mens top concerns regarding their appearance, those who influence them most and the reasons why they would consider aesthetic procedures. The new episode will also explore the most popular ones including moob ops and dental treatments, and will see Gladiator Warren Ace Furman (also Katie Prices ex) discussing his hair transplant.

The dreaded comb-over came up top with four out of five men stating theyre worried about hair loss, and more than a quarter saying theyd consider surgical treatment perhaps unsurprising when even media doctor Chris Jessen recently admitted to undergoing a hair transplant. One in five men, in fact, ascribe their preoccupation with their looks to celebrities, and as many confess to sneaking their girlfriends moisturizer as a skincare regime. Among the top procedures theyd consider they not only list Botox and teeth whitening, but also laser treatment for hairy backs. The programme will have an expert discussing dental implants after sports injuries.

MyFaceMyBody.com Survey highlights:

oNearly three quarters of men (72%) and a whopping nine out of ten (93%) females said it is important for a man to look after his appearance

oWhen MyFaceMyBody.com asked who had the most influence on their appearance

oNearly half (46%) said their girlfriend or spouse

oOver a third (34%) just for themselves

oOne in five (19%) - celebrities

o1% - mother

oWhen MyFaceMyBody.com asked the reasons why males put effort into the way they look

oTwo out of five (42%) said it was just to attract women!

o38% said because of girlfriend/spouses influence

oOne in ten (11%) - to feel good about themselves

o9% - don't care about their appearance

oMyFaceMyBody.com found thatvCelebrities males look up to:

oJohnny Deep

oRussell Brand

oAnthony Keidis

oBarack Obama

oWhen MyFaceMyBody.com asked what they currently do to look to after their skin

oMore than nine out of ten (93%) at least moisturize

oNearly a quarter (23%) of men would have a facial

oOne in five (19%) use their girlfriends moisturiser

Top 5 surgical procedures men would consider

oNose Surgery

oBlepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)


oMoob Reduction

oHair transplant

Top 5 Non-surgical procedures men would consider

oGeneral skincare

oChemical Peels


oTeeth Whitening

oLaser Hair Removal for hairy back

When MyFaceMyBody.com asked if theyd consider having surgical treatment for hair loss

oMore than a quarter (27%) said yes

oA third (33%) would shave all their hair off if they started to get bald patches

oFour our of five (79%) were worried about losing their hair

According to ex-Gladiator Ace;

Men want to stay attractive to females and sometimes you need to do more than just lotions and potions. I had a hair transplant and am thrilled with the results, I look ten years younger. Initially I wasnt that bothered about my hair, but I was only 35 when I looked in the mirror and saw Phil Collins staring back at me. I decided to shave it all off, but it didnt suit me at all and my girlfriends thought I had some kind of disease. My head was too big and I looked like an escaped convict!

According to Stephen,

So much of the focus in the aesthetics industry is solely on women in this episode we explore cosmetic surgery for men, and our guests include top experts who can tell us about the latest advances in everything from man boob reductions to hair transplants and teeth whitening. The chat show is an ideal platform for men to find out whats available.

The MyFaceMyBody.com programme gives viewers the lowdown on the latest procedures to hit the UK market, alongside entertaining mythbusting missions and revealing vox pops. In a previous episode, presenter Stephen Handisides jumped off a plane with breast implants strapped to his chest to find out whether it was true they explode at high altitudes. This time, he delves into hair loss myths such as whether standing on your head or wearing hats for too long will affect the process.

As well as appearing on Sky TV, the programme will also be available to watch on demand on consumer website MyFaceMyBody.com, which launched in February 2009 and already carries over 2000 pages of independent treatment advice, 200 educational videos and comprehensive news and events. A pilot episode of MyFaceMyBody is currently available to watch on the website. Viewers can also use the site to quiz experts and engage in discussions during or after the show.


MyFaceMyBody was launched by cosmetic surgery expert and former male model Stephen Handisides. The show airs on InformationTV, Sky Channel 166 and Freesat 402 and counts among its sponsors industry giant Zoom Whitening. As well as appearing on Sky TV, the programme is available to watch on demand on consumer website MyFaceMyBody.com, which launched in February 2009 and already carries over 2000 pages of independent treatment advice, 200 educational videos and comprehensive news and events. Viewers can also use the site to quiz experts and engage in discussions during or after the show.

For all media enquiries including images, footage and interviews with Stephen Handisides, please contact Tingy Simoes on [emailprotected] or 020 7549 2863

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By: MikeRoussell | Dec 18th 2009 - http://www.warpspeedfatlossdiet.com Free Video reveals 4 secrets to increase your weight loss starting tomorrow. Learn about the 2 kinds of stomach fat and what food may be able to target the bad kind

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By: Chris Strogilis | Dec 7th 2009 - Contrary to what is widely believed crunches, sit ups and other focused training exercises is the last thing that should be bothered with in your effort to train and reveal your abs.

Tags: abs, abs definition, abs training, perfect abs, six pack abs How-to Diet To Lose Body Fat Fast

By: Alex Marx | Dec 5th 2009 - How do you diet to lose body fat fast? In the United States more than a third (1/3) of the population is overweight, and this number continues to grow every year. Getting in shape fast does not have to hard, but you must know the facts before you begin.

Tags: diet to lose body fat fast, lose body fat, reduce body fat, body fat percentage, get rid of body fatSeven Ways To Lose Weight Without Using Your Scales

By: Nick Dinic | Nov 25th 2009 - When weight is the problem, scales seem to become the tool on which one's progress is based. What happens if a dieter weighs the same after a week of rigid fitness exercise program?

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